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KACOBA volunteers visits one of the HEN project member's garden


We believe that the implementation of the eight (8) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is the responsibility of every one

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General Assembly (GA)

A General Assembly which is comprised of 120 registered members, is the supreme organ of Kagoma Community Based Organisation (KACOBA).

The GA convenes once every calender year to:

i. Review the performance of the organization and make recommendations to the executive committee.

ii. Receive from the executive committee an annual report of the activities of the organization, the balance sheet, the statement of accounts for the preceding financial year and estimates of the receipt and expenditures of the current year.

iii. Elect office bearers for the organisation.

iv. Decide on any matter which may be submitted to the meeting.

Board of Trustees

This is constituted of the founder members of the organisation and the custodians of KACOBA assets. The board is composed of 4 members.

Executive Committee

This is a democratically elected committee responsible for the day to day activities of the organisation. It is composed of 9 members that is; Chairperson, Vice chairperson, General secretary, The Treasurer and 5 committee members.


KACOBA operates on 4 pillars (General Asembly, Executive committee, Staff and Volunteers); The volunteers however, play a key role since they are nominated by community members, trained by KACOBA staff and Executive but remain in their respective areas to spear head, monitor and supervise all activities at home and community levels.


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